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Waterton flexes mussels

Waterton Lakes National Park have banned motorized water vehicles like to try and combat an invasive mussel species. Parks nada made the decision after large Aquatic Mussels larvae were found in the Tiber Reservoir in Montana last November. Once the species are found in an ecosystem they are almost impossible to get rid of and

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Lethbridge Lightning ptain enjoying high-scoring season

Shay Wirll faces off in a game versus the Siksika Buffaloes at Nicholas Sheran Arena on Jan. 18. Wirll recorded an assist in the losing effort. The grating sound of the skate sharpening machine echoed down the hallway of the underbelly of the hockey arena. The smell of old, sweaty hockey equipment filled the air


Iron Chef helps cook up new talent

Taylor Draper, a second-year competitor and apprentice at Lethbridge College, prepares a sauce for one of the dishes at the Iron Chef competition at Mocha bana on Jan. 18, 2019. Two teams competed to make an appetizer, a soup course, an entrée and a dessert at Mocha bana?as part of a culinary cook-off where chefs


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New Year’s resolutions are a waste

New Year’s Resolutions are annoying. Every year, people have the refreshing feeling of beginning a new year and associate that with being able to create a clean slate. But why do you need a new year to do that? Beuse really, Dec.?31 to Jan. 1 is just another day. You n start working towards your


Wexit is silly and you’re silly for wanting it

Albertans need to suck it up and stop thinking they’re better than the rest of the country. It happens every time a progressive party wins an election. The moment a progressive ndidate is given power in the country or province, Alberta decides the democratic process is wrong. As if it wasn’t enough that Alberta is


Addicts are not the problem

nadian culture perpetuates the opioid crisis – if you think you are smarter than experts on the situation, you are part of the problem. People love to talk bad about supervised consumption sites (SCS) and look at addicts as a ncer on society, while disregarding what social workers, addictions councillors and doctors say. Some people


Lethbridge man getting more heat than he bargained for

A Lethbridge man living in Australia is feeling more heat than he expected, while being ught in a record-breaking heatwave using severe bushfires. Ben Kelly grew up in Lethbridge but moved to Brisbane, Queensland two years ago when he was looking for a way to progress his reer while the warmer climate was also a

Lethbridge College supports lol blood drive

ndy (black shirt) and Kimberley Tetrault (red shirt) draw blood from a student’s finger to test the blood type. The blood test is the first step in the college’s 12th annual blood drive. The college is partnered with the nadian Blood Services and is encouraging all staff and students to donate blood during the month

Lol LGBTQ+ theatre hosts federal ndidate forum

Lethbridge federal election ndidates discussed pertinent lol issues at an LGBTQ+ theatre last weekend. Didi’s Playhaus, formerly Club Didi, invited the ndidates to discuss the supervised consumption site, LGBTQ+ issues and more. Of the ndidates invited, Liberal ndidate Amy Bronson, Green ndidate Stephnie Watson and New Democratic Party ndidate Shandi Bleiken attended. Rachael Harder, the